training and experience


2015  Diploma in relationship-based supervision of Individuals and groups


2012 Level 1: Training for the Treatment of Trauma, SPI


2011 Accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy


2002-2005 Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling , University of Brighton


2001-2002 Certificate in Counselling, Varndean College










working with illness and impairment


Alongside my general experience as a counsellor, I have specialist experience of helping clients affected by illness, injury, impairment, or disability. This includes people directly affected as well as their carers: so parents, partners, spouses and other family members.


This has been a long, and rewarding journey, enabling me to draw upon my training,  and personal experiences and those of a wide range of clients. Out of this comes an appreciation for the unique way in which people are affected.


I have supported people whilst they have worked though the distress of receiving a diagnosis and those facing the loss of prized resources. I also have experience of offering a space to parents and other carers, where difficult feelings could be expressed or important decisions explored, with someone who doesn't have an agenda and won't judge.





Everyone’s experience of trauma is unique: an event that one person experiences as traumatic may not be experienced that way by someone else.


People who have experienced trauma sometimes recover completely once the immediate danger is over; they start to feel safe again and can access memories of what happened without too much distress. Some develop coping mechanisms that work for them and don’t seek or need therapy.


Others are less fortunate, and find that ‘feeling safe’ is a struggle: it seems to come and go, and at times the feeling of immediate threat can take over. Many people working in the field of trauma describe these clients as having symptoms rather than memories: flashbacks, nightmares, high anxiety/panic, racing heart, shallow breathing, muscular tension and other unexplained physical sensations.


Working with trauma is a delicate business. I offer a range of help depending on the client's needs.

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