counselling / psychotherapy

I am an independent counsellor/psychotherapist with 10 years experience, offering one to one counselling to adults in the Burgess Hill area and Brighton.


As a person-centred counsellor/psychotherapist, I trust that my clients have the inner resources they need, and the means of sensing the direction and depth to guide them as they explore the issues that have brought them to counselling.


Some arrive feeling overwhelmed by events or grieving for a loss. Others are struggling with stress due to life changes e.g. a change in job, moving to a new place, divorce, an injury or illness. 


Sometimes clients come because they recognise that events in their past are restricting their choices, and impacting on current relationships.


I can offer a steadying, accepting and warm presence and hope that together we can build a relationship that feels safe enough to explore experiences that can feel difficult or distressing to you.


The process of counselling can itself feel challenging at times, but clients report a wide range of benefits:


  • Feeling lighter

  • Greater self-awareness

  • A sense of having more choices

  • Relating more freely to others

  • Feeling more resourceful

  • Greater self-acceptance


Whilst reading this you may be considering counselling for yourself but wondering what it would be like….



Introductory Session


I offer a reduced fee for first sessions. This enables us to see whether we can work together, for you to ask any questions you may have about me and counselling before deciding what to do next. (For more information about fees, click here)





Some clients have a sense that they want short-term counselling and book 3-6 sessions, whilst others prefer a more open-ended approach. If you decide to start counselling we can look at what would suit you best.


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